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About the Program

The practical application of skills and industry certifications necessary for entry level jobs makes a cloud computing program appropriate for community colleges to enhance their existing IT, computer science, business or web design programs integrating cloud managed services. The LA Community Colleges produce 680 IT certificates for the entire IT occupations, which is less than annual openings in the occupations affected by cloud computing.

AWS has partnered with Santa Monica College (SMC) to develop college credit courses based on an AWS curriculum framework in cloud computing career pathways that begins at the high school and leads to industry certifications. The goal of the CA Cloud Workforce Consortia is to expand this common curriculum and develop a regional career pathway program and certificate.

About Cloud Computing

California’s leading transfer college to the University of California and a top provider of affordable career education in Los Angeles—has created a cloud computing certificate, which incorporates content from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Educate, Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning.

Cloud computing—which delivers vast data capacity to organizations of all shapes and sizes without requiring expensive on-site servers—is widely considered the biggest growth arena in technology today. It is also set to open a world of opportunity for Community College students, in one of the highest paying IT fields.

The Cloud Computing Certificate gets students ready to pursue a career in cloud computing and introduces students to AWS technologies. AWS courses cover programming, database management, security, and other essentials